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The nasty stuff comes out

November 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Campaign workers for the Non-Partisan Association were spending their last hours today tearing down posters in Chinatown that put up alleged quotes made by Peter Ladner’s grandfather in the 20s.

The posters, hand-lettered in Chinese, were headlined “Enemy of the Chinese” and had quotes attributed to “LJ Ladner, 1923, Vancouver South” saying things like “The arrival of these Mongolians and low education people coming into this country have caused us today to face the problems in education and other matters.”

That was a down moment for them.

On the other side, Vision campaigners who have themselves on NPA mailing lists woke up yesterday to these cheery messages from their opponents. Happy times all around.

Vote Saturday to Prevent a COPE/Vision Takeover

Dear NPA supporters,

Recent polls show that the COPE/Vision alliance could take over City Council, Park Board, and School Board if we do not go to every possible effort to mobilize our vote tomorrow.

Please take the time to vote on Saturday for compassionate, fiscally responsible leadership that puts Vancouver first. Vote for experience and integrity. Vote for the NPA team. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

Do you want to go back to the wasteful spending, strained relationships, and unproductive grandstanding of COPE/Vision’s last majority in 2002-2005? Do you want Council spending their time talking about things like nuclear proliferation, space-based missiles, and the Iraq war instead of the issues that matter to Vancouver? Do you want people in government who put partisan politicking before the interests of Vancouver taxpayers?

The 2010 Olympics are around the corner, and the global economy is in a challenging phase. Now more than ever, we need experienced, pragmatic, responsible government. The NPA offers just that. Our opponents offer inexperience, empty rhetoric, and a negative campaign of misinformation.

We need your vote, and we need your help. Together, let’s get it done.

NPA Campaign

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