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The next dilemma in the commuting and transit challenge: Peak millennial?

May 20th, 2016 · 58 Comments

My favourite thing. I got to work for a month on a story about how commuting is changing (or not) in the Lower Mainland.

It was an eye-opener.

I heard a lot of stories about how people make their transit choices with factors I hadn’t thought about. Childcare is key. (Living close to a daycare where you got in or grandparents is like a life-or-death thing.)

Having a bus route that you relied on get altered means choosing a car over transit. Having a great transit option is the best part of some people’s days. And, for some, the chance to live in a place close to nature seemed to compensate for the most horrible commutes imaginable.

Then there are the big factors. Like what is going to happen to millennials as they abandon the craft breweries for marriage and kids.

And the nerd factors. Like, what do local planners look at to try to figure out how to tip a few more people in the region into taking transit.

I won’t rewrite all 4,000 words here. Instead, here’s the link to my BCBusiness story, which I guarantee will make you think twice about how commuting works in this city.



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