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The NPA starts its rebuilding today

December 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The city’s septuagenarian political party, the Non-Partisan Association, will be meeting today to choose a new board of directors — one that will have the difficult task of figuring out where the party, which suffered its second disastrous defeat in six years, will go.

Charlie Smith has some perceptive analysis of the NPA’s potential winning cards for the next election on his Georgia Straight blog here.

One advantage the NPA has that he didn’t mention is the emergence of a NPA-centric blog,, started up by former Sam Sullivan staffer Daniel Fontaine. If Fontaine and co-blogger Mike Klassen keep going at the same pace they’re setting now, they’ll be an energetic voice constantly on the attack against Vision Vancouver.

One thing that made Sam Sullivan so vulnerable during his administration — among a long list — was the way Vision Vancouver so successfully framed everything he did in such a negative way. It’ll be interesting to see whether Daniel and Mike, through the blog, along with Suzanne Anton hammering away out front, are equally successful at portraying Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver in a negative light: wasting taxpayer money, in the grip of unions, impulsive and impractical, etc etc.

It didn’t seem to work during the election, but that was such a short window of opportunity. Three years is a whole different story.

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