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The public-art debate revs up

August 17th, 2009 · 24 Comments

For those of you not following the comments section under the STOP public art post of yesterday, lots are writing in to argue for and against 1. public art in general 2. a particular installation of things that look like stop signs in Charleson Park.

My more informed readers have let me know, here and in private emails, that the Charleson Park exhibit is not, in fact, a part of the city’s public-art program but a temporary installation connected to the biennale, with a link helpfully provided by several of you.

Along with that, “Bob” also comments: Having work by internationally renown artists placed all over our city is apparently a hardship. Is there anything we don’t complain about in Vancouver?

Please continue the debates — lots of people are reading, even if they’re not commenting, to judge by my private emails.

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