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The Vision party is still going on and may continue for some time

November 16th, 2008 · 17 Comments

Just got home at 3 a.m. because I’m a quitter, leaving many Visionistas behind me either dancing up a storm or analyzing the intricacies of the Olympic athletes’ village project, down at the Shark Club.

(Yes, that’s where this bunch of alleged lefties repaired to after dancing til midnight at the Hotel Vancouver.)

I’m not going to presume to try to wrap up the night. I’m thinking anyone who reads this blog knows already that Vision had a huge sweep, with the result that only the NPA’s Suzanne Anton has survived on council.

In what was really the subtext of the night, I did hear one survivor of the last, fractious COPE regime say that she’s thinking of having T-shirts made that say “This time, let’s not f… it up.”

We’ll hear all about those efforts to not f… it up later.

In the meantime, it was quite the night at the Vision parties in their two locations. The celebrations managed to attract some notable visitors: the famous Faye Leung, complete with fabulous hat; Canucks owner/developer/multi-business owner Francesco Aquilini and one of this brothers; and NPA candidate Michael Geller and his daughter Claire. Michael made a tour of the room, making a point of shaking hands with the guys from the Vancouver firefighters union, who made him the only NPA candidate they endorsed.

And now the work starts.

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