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Toronto city workers go on strike

June 21st, 2009 · 2 Comments

Vancouver had its turn two summers ago. Now it’s Toronto’s turn to have no garbage collection, daycare, building permits and so on.

Only this time, their city workers are negotiating in the climate of what people here in France keep referring to as “la crise” — the economic crisis. Not a good time to be bargaining for more or even to keep things the same.

The smart unions I know of here in B.C. are saying that their negotiating strategy in any contracts coming up is simply to stall as long as possible, in the hopes that economic indicators start to pick up and they’re not having to try to bargain in a doom-and-gloom climate.

Not that there are many contracts coming up in B.C. — everyone settled a few years ago for contracts that took them past the Olympics, so we won’t be facing many of these situations until this time next year.

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