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Traffic alert: Dunsmuir bike lane means you need a new path downtown

May 31st, 2010 · 78 Comments

As I discovered yesterday, when I made my Sunday morning run to the YWCA, the new Dunsmuir bike lane is going to do more than just turn over a lane of road space to bikes. It is also being accompanied by new traffic regulations.

So far, there are new signs at both Seymour and Hornby prohibiting right-hand turns off Dunsmuir, something I noticed as I was halfway through my (now illegal turn) onto Hornby.

That means anyone wanting to go north on these streets will now have to jog over to Georgia at some point from Dunsmuir in order to take that route north. (DON’T turn on Beatty, because when you get to Georgia, you will discover it is one-way going east at that point. Cambie and beyond is okay.)

So far, there do not appear to be any no left-turn signs at any of the other north-running streets. At Beatty, there’s a warning to yield to cyclists before turning. Cambie and Homer are not signed with anything.

All very confusing and reinforces my sense that this bike lane is going to require much more serious adjustment for people than the Burrard Bridge lane did.

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