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TransLink and province: Back to square one re funding?

October 13th, 2010 · 51 Comments

Okay, I officially give up trying to understand what is going on between TransLink and the province or among TransLink’s mayors. They signed a memorandum of understanding just weeks ago that seemed to pave the way for an agreement between Victoria and TL on how to fund future transit projects.

And now they’re back this week to where they were last year, with mayors saying they’re not willing to fund projects through property taxes, as proposed to them at a recent mayors’ council meeting, and no other solution in sight. Mayors issued a news release on this (see below) — so much for keeping their fights out of the media — and Dianne Watts, who wasn’t at the meeting, chimed in with her opinion here.

In the meantime, people, the last time I had to take the 99B across town, three completely packed double buses went past me about 30 seconds apart from each other and I was only able to squeeze onto the fourth slightly less packed bus because I elbowed my way in.

Mayors’ Council News Release-Oct12-10[1]

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