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Two (or three?) more senior staff gone in Vancouver

June 11th, 2014 · 10 Comments

Word from various sources, including @VancouverInsider, that two more senior staff have departed Vancouver city hall: senior engineer Karyn Magnusson, the person who nobly provided her back yard for the mayor’s demonstration of the new organic-composting system last year, off to UBC, and Dennis Carr, assistant director in housing, gone back to Canada’s mysterious east.

I also heard that Eric Bayfield, also in engineering, quit. Handily, the city’s online staff directory is now helping out with that kind of update.

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Name Telephone Title Department Email

Erik Bayfield
Streets, Traffic and Electrical Operations

Getting a little difficult to keep track of everyone’s who quit — and not just boomers retiring, but younger people, moving on to different jobs.

Can you help me make a list? I think is started, way back when, with
Melissa Scholefield (head of sustainability group, first senior staffer who left not because she was driven out as part of the old NPA team but suspected by all to have left because of weird working conditions)

Just prior to this group listed above, it was

Scot Hein (also to UBC)
Matt Shillito (back to England)
Vicki Potter (retiring)

There were, of course, various people who resigned right after Vision came in: Jody Andrews, James Ridge, deputy city managers.

Then a bunch of people in the middle

Don MacPherson, drug-policy director
Mike Flanigan, director of real estate services (off to BCHousing, viewed as a particularly big loss for the city)
Marg Coulson, city clerk
Jill Davidson, housing planner
Trish French, senior planner
Ronda Howard, senior planner
Kevin Ramsay, HR manager
Mairi Welman, director of communications (along with a whole other whack of people in communications, including one guy who quit six weeks after he was hired)

I know this list is extremely incomplete — remind me of the others?

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