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Uh-oh, we’re surrounded by downers

February 16th, 2010 · 23 Comments

Oh, you may all be thinking you’re having a great time out there in your Canadian-flag capes, having a great time crying when our medal-winners make their charming, modest speeches  and then partying your hearts out at various live sites, bars, and overcrowded buses.

But, didn’t you know, things are not really so great. We’re actually having a terrible time, plus we’re losers, as various media around the world have decided to report. Exhibit A, from Utah, is here. (Utah, huh. Don’t throw stones, etc.) And the latest in a string of nasty articles in the British press here.

I can’t imagine who is likely more annoyed about this: all the people who love the Games and are having a great time or all the people who hate the Games, but, if there was going to be media coverage, wanted to it about homelessness, the corporatization of the Game, and the bill taxpayers will have for this party for the elites.

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