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Vancouver city manager Penny Ballem proves once again she is indestructible

January 7th, 2013 · 37 Comments

The gossip phone tree informed me recently that Vancouver city manager Penny Ballem had a serious ski accident over Christmas.

I checked, wondering if this might mean she was sidelined for a while. But no. Dr. Ballem, as she has shown in the past, has proven to be unsquelchable.

In the time I’ve writing about her, she has fallen out of a tree and broken her arm, fallen while riding her bike and broken her hip, and now had this encounter with the mountain at Whistler. I understand she broke her sternum and compressed some neck vertebrae.

However, she is back on the job. Apparently she took pain drugs for a couple of days and that’s all she needed. You have to be in awe of that kind of resilience, whatever else. (I’ll be deleting all troll comments, btw, just in case you were thinking of trying that.)

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