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Vancouver’s renegade chickens roam far

January 13th, 2011 · 34 Comments

I wasn’t going to post this story from the Province about Vancouver’s low numbers of registered chickens, with everything else going on this week.

But I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream that two chickens — horribly, scrawny ones with most of their feathers gone and their red, scabby skin showing  — had somehow gotten into my bedroom during the night through the window, which is a long way up from the street, and were running around in the room. I think I was waiting for city licence inspector Tom Hammel to come and get them out of my house, but in the meantime, they were actually scary and creating quite an uproar in the house.

I’m fairly certain it was all generated by reading Tom Hammel’s quote about chickens just walking down the middle of the road.

So I’m seeing it as a sign from the Chicken Gods that I should link to this story.

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