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Vision hands over one of its spots on council to COPE for coming election

April 29th, 2011 · 36 Comments

Waiting to hear an explanation for this news release which has Vision and COPE agreeing that they will split the council slate 7-3. Of course, no guarantees who will be elected but, still, it means Vision is not going to go past the seven spots it has now. In 2008, you’ll recall, they had eight candidates, with only Kashmir Dhaliwal not getting elected from their team.

Still waiting for news on whether all seven current councillors are going to run again, but even so, not likely to be more than one, at most two, new names, for Vision.

But what can this mean? COPE has a winner candidate that Vision decided to make way for? Vision concentrating its votes on what it has now? Anyone?

COPE and Vision Vancouver reach agreement
Vision Vancouver and the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) have agreed in principle to coordinate election efforts and endorse a common slate of candidates.
“We’re happy to have reached an agreement with COPE,” said Vision Executive Director Ian Baillie. “We think the progressive majority in Vancouver is best represented by our continued cooperation.”
The agreement would give Vision Vancouver the opportunity to achieve majorities on Council, School and Park Board.
Numbers of Candidates
Vision has agreed to run 7 for Council, 5 for School Board, 4 for park board
COPE has agreed to run 3 for Council, 4 for School board, 2 for Park
It is proposed that The Green Party run 1 for Park board.  If an acceptable agreement cannot be worked out with the Green Party then Vision Vancouver will run 5 for Park board.

The cooperative approach to governing led by Vision Vancouver has resulted in real progress for the City of Vancouver. Initiatives like the HEAT homeless shelters, greater support for Aboriginal students in Vancouver schools, and opening fully-accessible playgrounds were made easier by the cooperation of Vision Vancouver and COPE.
“This agreement highlights the fact that our two parties are committed to building a fairer, greener and more vibrant city,” said Baillie. “While the NPA fear monger and flip flop on every issue facing our city, Vision Vancouver’s elected officials are bringing new ideas and a spirit of cooperation to building a Vancouver for everyone.”

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