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Vision Vancouver’s George Chow will end the mystery

September 2nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

For months, Councillor George Chow has kept everyone in suspense as he ponders whether to run for council again. This quiet but hard-working councillor, who goes to absolutely every event in town, is someone Vision would love to keep on board, because he’s got those moderate creds that help the party market itself as centre-left.

Not to mention the fact that he’s been a stalwart soldier on council. A lot of people speculated he would bolt to the NPA or even run for the Conservatives at one point. But George (who took the English name George when he came here from a guy he much admired, George Harrison) stuck with Vision, voting with them on every motion to save daycare and take care of the homeless and be greener.

The one time he split from the group was over Mayor Sam Sullivan’s CAST project, which he opposed while everyone else supported it. They thought it was nutty, but they didn’t want to appear to be against anything to help drug users.

He also distinguished himself by asking some thoughtful and perceptive questions at council. While I’ve seen some councillors take a whole term (and sometimes two) to figure out the basics of city hall, like the tax system or zoning, George caught on fast. And his questions occasionally exposed a big gaping hole in a line of reasoning in a city report or a councillor’s speech.

As a result of all that, he’d get a nomination without question and also likely be elected easily on Nov. 15. But he’s had some family pressure to bow out of politics.

However, I’ve been told that George has an announcement scheduled for Wednesday to tell everyone publicly that he’ll be running again.

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