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What blog posts turned you on: Mayor’s comments on staff, Burrard Bridge, city future

May 1st, 2009 · 16 Comments

Hey all. It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and I think you’re all winding down for the weekend, except for gmgw, glissando and LP, who are still energetically duking it out on the blog comments. Thanks, you guys. I never feel lonely when you’re there.

Anyway, I got a new blog-stats counter that allows me to see which posts are getting the most hits, so courtesy of that, here is what was the most popular in the last 11 days since I got the new counter installed. (Drum roll here)

1. Mayor Gregor Robertson’s reported comments on why staff are leaving city hall in noticeable numbers: can’t handle the pressure of the Olympics and the increased pace of business under Vision Vancouver.

2. The future of the downtown — my account of the public hearing to decide on the limitations that should be put on residential development in or near the central business district.

3. The news about the city’s second deputy city manager, James Ridge, leaving, complete with debates over whether the city’s senior managers are leaving because they think Vision is politicizing city hall (Suzanne Anton’s interpretation) or whether it’s because there’s always some turnover when there’s new political leadership. (Mayor Gregor’s version).

4. The news that city council now officially has the report on the Burrard Bridge bike lanes in front of them and will have to decide which option they like next Tuesday. I thought people had burned themselves out on this one in months past, but no, the water just seems to be reaching a boil.

5. The debate over whether the city’s new chief financial officer got too rich a package with her $230,000-something salary and 10 weeks of vacation.

A reminder with all of these that most people seem to come to the site not through an individual post but just by hitting my blog, so this doesn’t give a complete sense of who’s reading what. Nice to see you’re all still there, though — about 65,000 of you hitting on the site in the past month. Or maybe it’s just 10 people hitting the keys 6,500 times each. You never know.

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