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What did the park board actually approve at the end of the nine-hour meeting? More negotiation, not a final plan

February 11th, 2013 · 22 Comments

A lot of stories I’m hearing seem to be misreporting that the board voted to take all the revenue. That is certainly what was originally proposed and it may be the end result of the negotiation, but here is what the board actually voted on.

That the Park Board endorse in principle the key elements for the proposed
framework for a new partnership agreement as described on page 20 of this
2. That staff be directed to continue the process and complete the negotiations
with all the community centres interested in moving to a new Partnership
Agreement based on (1.), and take any steps necessary to prepare for its
implementation, effective July 1 2013.
3. That staff initiate a consultation across the city, working with the Community
Centre Associations, to share with residents the framework and receive input
• Priorities for moving ahead toward a more accessible and equitable network of
community centres
• Opportunities for the allocation of the new $1,000,000 annual fund made available to
the Park Board by the City commencing in the 2013 budget.


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