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What makes a Vancouverite?

August 7th, 2012 · 92 Comments

Inspired by the recently celebrated B.C. Day, which came with attendant essays on what makes this province unique and worth bragging about, I’ve decided we need a Vancouver Day, with guidelines on how you can tell a true Vancouverite (whether here for five days or five generations) from a mere visitor.

Plus, we all need a chance to be silly.

Here is my kickstarter and highly idiosyncratic list about what defines someone as a Vancouver native:

– Knows the difference between West Vancouver, the West End, and the west side of Vancouver

– Never bothers to carry an umbrella in any weather. What are Gore-Tex jackets with hoods for?

– Pronounces Vancouver as “Vangcouver,” a strange but true Canadianism I’ve noticed.

– Has a strong opinion about cycling, one way or the other

– Does not think there’s anything strange or unusual about butter-chicken poutine.

– Has waited more than four hours in a ferry line-up, at some point.

– Knows where there is a decent wild blackberry patch


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