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Who are the biggest investors in Vancouver condos? It’s not always who you think, if you look at the property records

August 23rd, 2013 · 71 Comments

There’s an ambitious publication in London that periodically produces a feature called “Who Owns London?” to try to understand what’s going on with commercial buildings in the City of London proper.

That kind of property tracking is exceptionally hard to do. Even if you spend the thousands of hours needed to find out the official, legal owner of every property in a given swathe of territory, then it takes even more research to try to figure out who the people are, who the numbered companies are, who the corporations are.

I took a small stab at this for Vancouver magazine, by going through the property records of two prominent condo buildings downtown — an area that many people think is dominated by foreign investors bulk-buying our city.

I don’t claim to have found definitive answers — two buildings are far from the whole story. But even this small bit of research gives a more nuanced picture of who is making investment buys in our forest of condos.

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