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Who’s the greenest in the land? Vancouver, then Seattle, then Portland

January 11th, 2010 · 21 Comments

The crew that run the Cascadia Scorecard love to compare these three cities and here are their latest numbers.

To their own surprise, they’ve ranked Portland as the laggard. But I’d love to study these numbers more, as I have to wonder if they are pulling stats from just Vancouver proper or the whole region, which could change the picture significantly.

Interesting, too, that they have named the Canada Line as one of the reasons Vancouver is so green. I loooove taking the Canada Line — it has become our family’s public limo — but I hear much chatter from those in the know that it took so much bad, unenvironmental concrete to build that line that the GHG deficit won’t be paid off for decades to come.

I await all your brilliant analysis on Alan’s article.

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