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Why one COPE member disagrees with Tim Louis

September 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

At the risk of bringing a shitstorm of furious debate onto Bill Bargeman’s head, I’m posting his comments here for those who don’t think to click on the comments section:

My first venture into the blogsphere:

The question of whether or not COPE should run a mayoral candidate and the number of council, school and park board candidates is a matter of tactics, not strategy. COPE’s strategy in this election should be to election every one of its nominated candidates. The tactic best suited to meet that strategy is not to run against Vision. Yes, this is not COPE’s finest hour, but accepting this deal will insure it does not become COPE’s final hour.

I’ve been a COPE member since 1971 and have proudly knocked on doors and worked the phones to help elect Tim Louis to Park Board and Council, but Tim has it wrong this time.

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