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Why were UFC negotiations such a tough brawl?

June 14th, 2010 · 19 Comments

I didn’t get too involved in the back and forth in the ongoing drama of the UFC negotiations the last few months, but they were certainly rocky, with any number of media reports that the event was going to be cancelled at various points.

Vancouver did seem to have a harder time than other cities in figuring this out, although it’s not the only regulatory body that ever had a scrap with the UFC organization or mixed-martial-arts proponents. It looks from past history as though Minnesota also went a few rounds with the MMA people. Nevada seems to have had the least problems, likely because they have put on so many unarmed combat events as part of the Las Vegas scene. Even they, though, did ask for some changes to the rules before sanctioning events.

Here, though, it was definitely a roller-coaster ride — for any number of reasons, as I discovered when calling around.

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