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You are still paying Judy Rogers’ salary

April 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Oh, poor Paul Hancock, the city’s Freedom of Information officer. He must be working overtime these days, dealing with all the FOIs that have flooded in in the last four months.

Here are the latest results from one of my requests. The details of Judy Rogers’ severance agreement. Not much new in terms of the money, aka the $572,000 total package that we all reported last month as the total buyout. But it is interesting that it’s structured so that she is still getting paid a salary like a normal city employee until the end of May unless she gets another job. Don’t count on that one — though she’s getting lots of offers — as my understanding is this allows her to get to the 20-year mark for pension benefits.

One other interesting point is what’s not there. There’s been much talk that there’s a provision in the agreement that she can’t badmouth the city and vice versa. But I don’t see any sign of that here, unless I’m missing something. She’s just not allowed to talk about the severance agreement. And now she doesn’t have to because it’s all here.


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